Z's MENU Large Shrimp Tempura Japan Imported 132g

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Product Overview

  • Product does not add any food additives in the production process, and the production of raw materials used without additives.
  • Black tiger prawns raised in rough culture without using antibiotics within the tidal range of the sea. Large shrimp raised with this special method are then made into tempura. This is an excellent product which brings out the original taste of shrimp. Just heat it up in a toaster oven for an authentic taste. Special "Ten-don Sauce" is included.
  • Large shrimp tempura (over 30g per shrimp). Come with sauce, so it can be used for shrimp tempura rice bowl
  • Made and Imported from Japan
  • Country of Origin:Japan
  • Origin of Ingredients:Shrimp (Indonesia), soy sauce (made in Japan)
  • Brand:Z's MENU
  • Net Content:132 g (3 shrimp, with sauce)
Products Description

Delivery Time:Delivery in 7 days
Shipping Method:Frozen Delivery
Storage Method:Frozen

How to Eat
[Thawing method] Thaw in the bag at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours. [If you are in a hurry] Remove from the bag while still frozen, place them a plate with space between them, and microwave without wrapping for 1 minute and 20 seconds at 500W (3 pieces) or 1 minute at 600W (3 pieces). [When using a toaster over] After defrosting, spread out rolled aluminum foil in a toaster oven and heat for 3-4 minutes at 1000W. Monitor its progress, and flip it about halfway through.

Large Shrimp Tempura
Products Details
More Information
IngredientsShrimp (from Indonesia), Batter [wheat flour, cornstarch, chicken egg, vegetable oil (sesame oil, soybean oil), glucose], Deep-frying oil (rape seed oil, palm oil) [Sauce] Soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans) (made in Japan), Sugar, Apple juice, Bonito extract, Salt, Yeast extract, Cornstarch, Hon mirin, Agar
Net Content132 g (3 shrimp, with sauce)
Shelf Life12months
Storage MethodIn a freezer
Unit Description1bag
Place Of OriginShrimp (Indonesia), soy sauce (made in Japan)
BrandZ's MENU
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